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    Sahitya Bhawan | Pratiyogita Sahitya Public Administration book by BL Fadia in English medium for IAS UPSC civil services examination and MA Political Science, Public Administration


    Edition 2021
    Subject Public Administration
    Author Dr. B.L. Fadia & Kuldeep Fadia
    Binding Paperback
    Pages 1008
    Language English
    Country India
    Series Title IAS/PCS Exams
    Isbn13 9789353396978

    Product Features                                           

    Sahitya Bhawan | Pratiyotia Sahitya Public Administration book by BL Fadia is analytical and examines the framework of Public Administration as an autonomous discipline.

    The text provides an up-to-date, authoritative and readable introduction of Public Administration and Governmental, upsc public administration books, an introduction to public administration, public administration textbook, best books for public administration, introduction to public administration book,


    1. Public Administration : Meaning and Scope
    2. Importance of Public Administration
    3. Role of Public Administration in Developed and Developing Societies
    4. Public Administration and Private Administration
    5. Public-private Partnership PPP)
    6. Approaches to The Study of Public Administration
    7. Philosophy, Science and Art of Public Administration
    8. Evolution of The Discipline of Public Administration
    9. Wilson’s Vision of Public Administration
    10. Comparative Public Administration : Reference to The Riggsian Models
    11. Concept of Development and Post-development Theory or Anti-development Thesis
    12. Development Administration : Fred W. Riggs
    13. Bureaucracy and Development
    14. New Public Administration
    15. Public Administration and Policy-making
    16. Recent Trends in Public Administration
    17. Public Choice Approach
    18. New Public Management [NPM] Perspective
    19. State vs. Market Debate
    20. Ecology of Public Administration
    21. Administrative Culture
    22. Good Governance : Concept and Application
    23. Entrepreneurial Government
    24. Information Technology and Public Administration : E-Governance
    25. Challenges of Globalisation, Liberalisation and Privatisation : Impact on Public Administration
    26. Organisation : Formal and Informal Organisations
    27. Organisation Theory : Approaches or Paradigms
    28. Principles of Organisation
    29. Hierarchy
    30. Span of Control
    31. Unity of Command
    32. Co-ordination
    33. Chief Executive
    34. Line and Staff
    35. The Department
    36. The Public Corporation
    37. The Independent Regulatory Commission
    38. The Government Company
    39. Boards and Commissions in India
    40. Management and its Tasks : Context of Participative Management
    41. Scientific Management : Frederick W. Taylor
    42. Theories of Leadership
    43. The Concept of Authority and Responsibility
    44. Delegation of Authority
    45. Centralisation and Decentralisation in Administration
    46. Supervision
    47. Decision-Making Theory : Herbert Simon
    48. Motivation : Maslow, Mcgregor & Herzberg
    49. Communication in Administration
    50. Control : Reference to Pert and CPM
    51. Human Relations in Management : Elton Mayo
    52. The Concept of Bureaucracy : Max Weber
    53. The Concept of Civil Service
    54. Evolution of Civil Services
    55. Personnel Administration : Recruitment
    56. Personnel Administration : Training
    57. Personnel Administration : Promotion
    58. Position Classification and Pay Scales
    59. All India Services : Nature, Role and Rationale
    60. All India Services : IAS, IPS & IFS
    61. Relationship Between Specialist and Generalist Administrators
    62. Issues of Anonymity and Neutrality vs. Commitment
    63. Employer-Employee Relations : Reference to Whitleyism
    64. Financial Administration : Elements of Budget
    65. Budgetary Process in India
    66. Zero-Based Budgeting
    67. Performance Budgeting [Reference to Planning- Programming-budgeting System (PPBS)]
    68. Control Over Public Expenditure : Estimates Committee and Public Accounts Committee
    69. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India
    70. Deficit Financing
    71. Public Debt
    72. Accounts and Audit
    73. Integrity in Administration : Ethics and Values in Public Service
    74. The Institution of Ombudsman
    75. The Lokpal and Lokayuktas
    76. Grievance Redressal Mechanism
    77. Control Over Administration : Legislative, Judicial, Executive and Popular Control
    78. People’s Participation In Administration
    79. Role of Civil Society
    80. Social Audit
    81. Openness and Right to Information
    82. Citizens’ Charter
    83. Pressure and Interest Groups
    84. Role of NGOs and Voluntary Agencies
    85. Self-Help Groups (SHGs)
    86. Delegated Legislation
    87. Administrative Law
    88. Administrative Adjudication and Tribunals
    89. Administrative Reforms : Insights from Indian Experience
    90. Organisation and Methods (O & M)


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