Sahitya Bhawan Latest General Knowledge book for class 2 based on NCERT for CBSE and State Boards | Beautifully Illustrated GK book | Current Affairs


Class 2
Subject General Knowledge
Author Deepa Bhandari
Binding Paperback
Pages 56
Language English
Country India
Titles series Sahitya Bhawan
Isbn 9789353398019


1. Pollution
2. Precious Drops of Water
3. No Plastic Bags
4. Different Seasons
5. The Environment Quiz
6. Amazing Animal World
7. Amazing Animal Facts
8. Wonderful World of Insects
9. All About Birds
10. Amazing Bird Facts
11. Gifts from Trees
12. Beautiful Flowers
Mixed Bag
Ever Wondered Why ?
I have Good Manners
Test Your Knowledge – I
13. I Am A Proud Indian
14. States of India
15. Great Temples of India
16. Dances of India
17. India’s Gift to the World
18. Spell-o-Mania
19. Crazy About Cricket? Howzat !
20. Indian Sports Stars !
21. Indian Artists of Fame
22. What’s Your Favourite Sport?
Mixed Bag
Ever Wondered Why ?
Stop Poaching Now !
Test Your Knowledge – II
23. Our Inner Body
24. What Our Body Needs to Grow
25. Types of Food
26. Health is Wealth
27. Basic Table Manners
28. Let’s Do It!
29. What’s Wrong ?
30. Keep Moving
31. Let’s Find the Words
32. Healthy Bites
33. Did you Know ?
Mixed Bag
Ever Wondered Why ?
Science Experiment
Test Your Knowledge – III

Product Features:

Product Features Each book is divided into Units. Includes interesting facts. The series aims to nurture curious minds by exposing them to extrapolatory tasks. Contains test papers. Includes latest updates from around the globe. Fact sections provide additional information on a particular topic. Brain teasers, quizzes and reasoning activities will hone the analytical and logical skills of learners. The special section on Life Skills will stimulate the thinking, social and emotional skills of the learners. The series aims at the holistic development of the learner in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas. Preface This is the Knowledge Era ? an age where the average individual stands nowhere. While expertise in subject knowledge is a must, general knowledge is what takes the competition to new realms. All competitive examinations, group discussions, interviews revolve around the mental aptitude, general knowledge and personality development of the person. We have sharpened our series with a rigorous three-thronged approach aiming to take the mental aptitude, general knowledge and personality of the child to great heights. Special care has been taken to enhance knowledge of core EVS and Science concepts being done in class curriculum. Mental aptitude has been taken care of by including puzzles, riddles, number activities and brainteasers in a fun and interesting manner. Special sections on ``Ever Wondered Why??, ``Mixed Bag?? and ``Knowledge Bank?? have been introduced. ``Test Your Knowledge?? are challenges for the child to test whatever he or she has learnt. Primary, Middle and Senior class 1 to 12 series includes Hindi Literature, Hindi Grammar, Mathematics, Mental Math, EVS, Science, Computer, Value Education, GK, English Handwriting, Hindi Handwriting and Drawing. Based on NCERT for CBSE and state boards as per curriculum and exam paper pattern. E-book, Combo Pack and Gift set also available on discount. Watch video for features, benefits and advantages of the book.

Physical Book
Physical Book
Weight 0.5 kg
Book Version

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