Sahitya Bhawan EVS book for class 2 based on NCERT as per CBSE pattern| Environmental Studies | Beautifully Illustrated

Edition 2020
Class 2
Subject Environmental Studies (EVS)
Author Deepa Bhandari
Binding Paperback
Pages 96
Language English
Country India
Titles series Sahitya Bhawan
Isbn 9789353397913


Unit 1: Myself
1. Myself
2. My Body
3. Growing Up
Unit 2: Our Clothes
4. Our Clothes
5. Food We Eat
6. Tools We Use
Unit 3: Family
7. Our Family
8. House We Live In
9. Staying Healthy
Unit 4: Me and My Life
10. My School
11. Good Habits
12. Festival Express
13. Safety Rules
Unit 5: Neighbourhood
14. My Neighbour
15. Occupations
16. My Neighbours
Unit 6: Transport and Communication
17. Means of Transport
18. Let’s Communicate
Unit 7: The World of Plant
19. The World Of Plants
20. Animal Kingdom
Unit 8: My world
21. Our Beautiful Earth
22. Seasons
23. Directions
24. Time
Formative Assessment-I to IV
Summative Assessment-I to II

Product Features:

The books have a variety of tasks such as multiple-choice questions, sequencing, fill in the blanks, match the columns, true of false, and short and long-answer type questions. There are tasks include projects, research activities, field tours, discussions, case studies, creative writing, surveys, role plays, simulations, data reading and interpretation tasks, and art & craft activities which will help children translate theory into practice. There is a special section on LIFE SKILLS to develop the thinking, social and emotional skills of the children. The test papers as per the new CBSE pattern. Pre school, Kindergarten, Nursery LKG (KG 1), UKG (KG 2) and for children 3-8 year old series includes Hindi Alphabets (Varnmala Akshar and Vyanjan), Hindi 2/3/4 lettered Word (Shabd) formation, Hindi listening, writing and speaking (Swar), English Alphabets, Phonics, Number writing 1-20, Number writing 1-50, Number writing 1-100, Multiplication Table book, Pattern writing, Capital and Small letter, Drawing and colouring, Craft, Hindi Rhymes (Bal Geet), English Rhymes and Activity based Workbooks. Primary, Middle and Senior class 1 to 12 series includes Hindi Literature, Hindi Grammar, Mathematics, Mental Math, EVS, Science, Computer, Value Education, General Knowledge (GK), English Handwriting, Hindi Handwriting and Drawing. Based on NCERT for CBSE and state boards as per curriculum and exam paper pattern. E-book, Combo Pack and Gift set also available on discount. Watch video for features, benefits and advantages of the book.

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Physical Book
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