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Sahitya Bhawan textbook for class 10 English Language & Lit. as per reduced syllabus and changed paper pattern for CBSE 2021 board exam


Edition 2021
Class 10
Subject English language and literature
Board CBSE
Author Vedavali Govindrajan
Binding Paperback
Pages 144
Language  English
Country India
Series Title Complete Study
ISBN13 9789388115919

Product Features                                              

Sahitya Bhawan | Pratiyotia Sahitya Complete Study class 10 English language and literature is a topic wise textbook as per reduced syllabus and changed paper pattern. Each chapter has been divided into topics for easy understanding. The book contains Complete Theory in which subject matter is explained in detail, with easy to learn definitions and formulae. Chapter summary is given for quick recap. A best guide and reference book for full marks. Complete Question and answer with step wise solution of all important questions, solution of previous years’ board exam questions. It also includes HOTS, NCERT and exemplar questions. Complete Self-Assessment has questions for practice & self-evaluation.


Section A
Comprehension Passages

  • Factual Passages (With Solutions and Pointers)
  • Discursive Passages (With Solutions and Pointers)

Section B

  • Writing and Grammar
  • Formal Letters (Letter of Complaint to Authority, Letters of Inquiry, Order Placing Letters and Letters to the Editor)
  • Articles : (Short Stories) (Story Completion and Developing a Story Outline)
  • Integrated Grammar Exercises (Gap Filling, Editing, Omission, Sentences Reordering and Sentence Transformation)

Section C
Prose (First Flight)
1. A Letter to God
2. Nelson Mandela
3. Two Stories about Flying
4. From the Diary of Anne Frank
5. The Hundred Dresses-I
6. The Hundred Dresses-II
7. Glimpses of India
8. Mijbil the Otter
9. Madam Rides the Bus
10. The Sermon at Benares
11. The Proposal
Poetry (First Flight)
1. Dust of Snow
2. Fire and Ice
3. A Tiger in the Zoo
4. How to Tell Wild Animals
5. The Ball Poem
6. Amanda
7. Animals
8. The Trees
10.The Tale of Custard the Dragon
11.For Anne Gregory
Supplementary Reader (Footprints Without Feet)
1. A Triumph of Surgery
James Herriot
2. The Thief’s Story
Ruskin Bond
3. The Midnight Visitor
Robert Arthur
4. A Question of Trust
Victor Canning
5. Footprints without Feet
H.G. Wells
6. The Making of a Scientist
Robert W. Peterson
7. The Necklace
Guy De Maupassant
8. The Hack Driver
Sinclair Lewis
9. Bholi
K.A. Abbas
10. The Book that Saved the Earth
Claire Boiko

  • CBSE Examination Paper 2019
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