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Sahitya Bhawan CBSE class 11 biology Lab Manual with theory and Viva-voce questions as per syllabus

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Edition 2021
Class 11
Subject Biology
Board CBSE
Author R.K Srivastava
Binding Hard bound
Pages 208
Language English
Country India
Series Title Sahitya Bhawan | Pratiyotia Sahitya
Isbn 9789387666511

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Sahitya Bhawan | Pratiyotia Sahitya lab manual class 11 biology practical book has been prepared in accordance with the CBSE guidelines. These lab manuals provide better understanding of various concepts in a lucid manner. The entire matter is prepared in a way that it provides complete understanding of each topic. Viva-voce helps the students in having a better understanding of concepts.


Major Experiments
1. Study of description of three locally available common flowering plants
Viva Voce
2. Study of Osmosis by potato osmometer.
Viva Voce
3. To test the presence of Sugar, Starch and proteins and fats in plant and animal materials
Viva Voce
4. Separation of plant pigment through paper chromatography.
Viva Voce
 Minor Experiments
5. Comparative study of the rates of transpiration in the upper and lower surface of leaves.
Viva voce
6. Study of the rate of respiration in flower lands/ leaf tissue and germinating seeds.
Viva voce
7. Test for presence of urea in urine.
8. Test for presence of Sugar in urine
9. Test for presence of albumin in urine.
10. Test for presence of bile salts in urine.
Viva voce
Slide preparation (Temporary)
11. Preparation and study of T.S. dicot and monocot roots and stems (Primary).
Viva voce
12. Study of plasmolysis in epidermal peel
Viva voce
13. Temporary slide preparation for distribution of stomata
Viva voce

Study/observation of the following
1. Study of the part of a compound microscope.
Viva voce
2. Study of specimens/ slides (Permanent), Models and identification with reasons.
Viva voce
3. Study of virtual specimens/ slides (Permanent), Models and identification with reasons.
Viva voce
4. Study of tissues and diversity in shapes and sizes.
A. Plant tissues.
B. Animal tissues.
Viva voce
5. Study of mitosis in onion root tip cells and animal cells (grasshopper) from permanent slides.
Viva voce
6. Study of different modifications in roots, stems and leaves.
Viva voce
7. Study of and identification of different types of Inflorescence (Cymose and racemose).
Viva voce
8. Study of imbibition is seeds/ raisins.
Viva voce
9. Observation and comenents on the experimental setup.
(a) Anaerobic respiration
(b) Phototropism
(c) effect of apical bud removal
Viva voce
10. Study of (a) human skeleton and (b) different types of joints with the help of virtual images/
Viva voce
11. Study of external morphology of cockroach through virtual images/ models.
Viva voce

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