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Sahitya Bhawan | Pratiyogita Sahitya The Constitution of India book in english medium by Fadia for IAS UPSC civil services and MA Political Science


Edition 2021
Subject The Constitution of India
Author Prof. B. L. Fadia , Dr. Kuldeep Fadia
Binding Paperback
Pages 256
Language English
Country India
Series Title  IAS/PCS Exams
Isbn13 9789390007271

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Sahitya Bhawan | Pratiyotia Sahitya The Constitution of India book – There are many voluminous and multi-volume works and some popular guide books on our Constitution but there has been a long-felt need for a concise but comprehensive and authoritative study. It is hoped that the present book would meet this need. Not only students of Political Science and Constitutional Law but also lawyers and citizens wanting to understand the Constitution and know something about the politico-constitutional system under which we live will find it useful. The book reproduces the text of the Constitution of India as amended and updated by Parliament from time to time. All amendments made by the Parliament upto and including the Constitution (104th Amendment) Act, December 2019 are incorporated in this edition. This book presents latest Constitutional Amendments with brief notes and commentaries—factual, objective and analytical—the book is highly readable.


Part I : The union and its territory
Part II : Citizenship
Part III : Fundamental rights
Part IV : Directive principles of state policy
Part IVa : Fundamental duties
Part V : The union

  • Chapter I. The executive
  • Chapter II. Parliament
  • Chapter III. Legislative powers of the president
  • Chapter IV. The union judiciary
  • Chapter V. Comptroller and auditor-general of india

Part VI : The states

  • Chapter I. General
  • Chapter II. The executive
  • Chapter III. The state legislature
  • Chapter IV. Legislative power of the governor
  • Chapter V. The high courts in the states
  • Chapter VI, subordinate courts

Part VII [omitted] : The states in part b of the first schedule
Part VIII : The union territories
Part IX : The panchayats
Part IXa : The municipalities
Part IXb : The co-operative societies
Part X : The scheduled and tribal areas
Part XI : Relations between the union and the states

  • Chapter I. Legislative relations
  • Chapter II. Administrative relations

Part XIII : Finance, property, contracts and suits

  • Chapter I. Finance
  • Chapter II. Borrowing
  • Chapter III. Property, contracts, rights, liabilities, obligations and suits
  • Chapter IV. Right to property

Part XIII : Trade, commerce and intercourse within the territory of india
Part XIV : Services under the union and the states

  • Chapter I. Services
  • Chapter II. Public service commissions

Part XIVa : Tribunals
Part XV : Elections
Part XVI : Special provisions relating to certain classes
Part XVII : Official language

  • Chapter I. Language of the union
  • Chapter II. Regional languages
  • Chapter III. Language of the supreme court, high courts, etc.
  • Chapter IV. Special directives

Part XVIII : Emergency provisions
Part XIX : Miscellaneous
Part XX : Amendment of the constitution
Part XXI : Temporary, transitional and special provisions
Part XXII : Short title, commencement [authoritative text in hindi] and repeals
Appendix 1. Summary of the jammu and kashmir reorganisation act, 2019
Appendix 2. List of amendments of the constitution of india

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Physical Book
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