Sahitya Bhawan improve your vocabulary for all competitive examination book

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Edition 2020
Subject Improve Your Vocabulary
Author Narayan Ji Chaubey
Binding Paperback
Pages 88
Language English
Country India
Series Title Pratiyogita Sahitya
Isbn13 9789386877765


1. Words from ‘A’
2. Words from ‘B’
3. Words from ‘C’
4. Words from ‘D’
5. Words from ‘E’
6. Words from ‘F’
7. Words from ‘G’
8. Words from ‘H’, ‘I’
9. Words from ‘J’, ‘K’, ‘L’
10. Words from ‘M’
11. Words from ‘N’
12. Words from ‘O’
13. Words from ‘P’
14. Words from ‘Q’, ‘R’
15. Words from ‘S’
16. Words from ‘T’
17. Words from ‘U’
18. Words from ‘V’
19. Words from ‘W’, ‘X’, ‘Y’, ‘Z’
20. Idioms/Phrases asked in different exams
21. Synonyms asked in different exams
22. Antonyms asked in different exams
23. More Antonyms
24. Idioms & Phrases
25. One word Substitution
26. Common Root word and Word Origins
27. Suffixes
28. Common word Roots
29. Number Prefixes
30. Math & Science Affixes and Roots
31. Prefixes that mean “no” : a-de dis-, in- non- un-, contra
32. Prefix that indicate ‘‘when’’, where or ‘‘more’’ : pre-, ultra
33. Sounds
34. Cries of Animals and Birds
35. Words for Specific Places
36. Phobia (Fear)

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